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Document Number:0506104
Date:04 April 1866
For Sale:50.00
Fair. More than usually grubby for its age.
Parchment : 1 sheet, 58cm x 77cm with 2 wax seals, revenue stamp and plan of the property on the reverse. Includes a related hand-written note from 1899.
Summary of contents:
William WHARTON (the elder) of Barnard Castle, County Durham. Writer.
William WHARTON (the younger) of Barnard Castle, County Durham. Shopman.
John RICHARDSON of Eggleston, County Durham. Labourer.

The recitals at the start of the Indenture begin by mentioning a Charles Wharton of Woodland, County Durham, Mason, who died in 1860 leaving property to his younger son, George Wharton. George died in 1865 leaving his property in trust to the two William Whartons to be sold (but we are not told how the proceeds are to be used).

John Richardson has now bought property in Woodland, Durham for 208 at public auction from the two William Whartons.

The property contains 2 cottages on the North side of the Eggleston Turnpike Road and was formerly part of Woodland Common.

The separate note attached which was written in 1899 appears to imply that the 2 cottages were then occupied by Thomas Richardson and Luke Denham. These two are paying 16 shillings for a plot of 8 square yards on which to build a shared privy.
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