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Document Number:0506099
Title:Manor Court Document
Date:23 October 1821
For Sale:45.00
Good consistent with age.
Parchment : 1 sheet 32cm x 56cm revenue stamps and signed by the Steward of the Manor.
Summary of contents:
Sir Francis Sykes of Gillingham, Dorset, Lord of the Manor.
Philip Matthews Chitty of Gillingham, Dorset. Deputy Steward.
William Read (deceased) of Langham, Dorset. Esquire.
William Read Bell.

This is a Court Document of the Manor of Gillingham, Dorset, and consists of a close of land known as the Way Ground containing 5 acres.

We are told that this land was left in the Will of William Read to his two trustees and executors, William Bell and Edward Hannam (?). William Read had two sons, one of whom is William Read Bell, and the property is to be divided equally between them.

Accordingly, this document records the surrender of a half share of the property by the two executors and admission of William Read Bell.
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