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Document Number:0506097
Title:Manor Court document
Date:04 October 1838
For Sale:48.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 56cm x 45cm signed by the steward of the manor and revenue stamped.
Summary of contents:
Harry Newland Esquire Lord of Broadwater Manor
William Tribe Gentleman, Steward of the manor
John Holden of Broadwater, Sussex. Miller
Ann Henry late of Cockhill Ratcliffe, Middlesex but now of Heath Street, Commercial Road, Stepney, Middlesex. Widow
George Baker of Devonport, Devon. Mariner

This is a record of the General Court Baron of the Manor of Broadwater, Sussex, at which George Baker and Ann Henry are selling property to John Holden. Accordingly they are surrendering it to the Lord of the Manor, after which John Holden is being admitted to it.

We are told that their title to the property arises out of the will of Henry Norton in which he left 7 acres of copyhold land in the manor to his niece Ann Baker, the wife of William Baker, for her lifetime. After her death it was to be divided equally among her 7 surviving children : Robert, Ann, Thomas, Henry, Mary, George and Susan (of whom Ann and George are now selling their shares).

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