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Document Number:0506090
Title:Manor Court Document
Date:02 October 1851
For Sale:58.00
Excellent except for one small stain at the corner of two folds, but this does not affect legibility.
Parchment : 1 sheet 61cm x 74cm with revenue stamp and the signature of the Steward of the Manor.
Summary of contents:
Henry Norton (deceased) of Broadwater, Susex. Gentleman.
James Penfold of Goring, Sussex., Merchant.
Robert Baker of No 3 Hicks Lane, Pike Street, Plymouth, Devon. Mariner.
Ann (nee Baker) the wife of Thomas Cornelius Henry of No 124 Cockhill, Ratcliffe, Middlesex. Hairdresser
Thomas Baker of Greenwich, Kent. Mariner
Henry Baker, carpenter on shipboard, Newfoundland
Mary (nee Baker) the wife of James Corder of No 86 Whitechapel Road, Middlesex
George Baker, Mariner on HMS Ringdove, Lisbon
Susan Baker (aged 19) of No 124 Cockhill, Ratcliffe, Middlesex. Spinster

This is a record of the General Court Baron of the Manor of Broadwater, Sussex.

It begins by telling us of the will of Henry Norton in which he left 7 acres of copyhold land in the manor to his niece Ann Baker, the wife of William Baker, for her lifetime. After her death it was to be divided equally among her children. Accordingly Ann was admitted to the property in 1795 and died in 1835 leaving 7 surviving children : Robert, Ann, Thomas, Henry, Mary, George and Susan.

The children all duly received 1/7 shares in the property, but since then Thomas and Susan have died and others have sold their shares to John Holden. Ann has been widowed and is now the wife of George Calverley. Finally it has been discovered that Robert was an illegitimate child and not entitled to a share. The present Court Baron, of which this is a record, is trying to sort things out and is admitting Henry Baker to a 1/6 share of Robert's 1/7 share.

An interesting note is that, during the lifetime of Ann Baker, the property was in the occupation of James Penfold. At that time there was an Inclosure Act for the parish of Broadwater, and it seems that the original 7 acres was exchanged for a new allotment of 7 acres of copyhold land.
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