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Document Number:0506061
Title:Manor Court Document
Date:21 January 1766
Foxed at the edges and discoloured but otherwise good for a paper document of this age
Physical description:
Paper : 3 sheets (written on 5 sides) 39cm x 26cm
Summary of contents
John Quaintroll of Tunstead, Norfolk. Yeoman. (Deceased)
Muriel Quaintroll (his wife)
Elizabeth Pyecroft (formerly Quaintroll) of Scottowe, Norfolk. Widow.

This is a draft of an entry for the Court Roll of the Manor of Tunstead on the part of Lancaster (which is in Norfolk). It relates to copyhold land in the Manor which had been in the possession of John Quaintroll.

It begins by telling us that in 1719 he surrendered the land to the Use and Behoof of his last Will and Testament, but that, when he died in 1729, "that who was his next heir they know not". It seems that in 1730, Muriel Quaintroll, the widow of John, was admitted to the property for her lifetime. We are told that Muriel later married John Howard.

At the present Court of 1766, Elizabeth Pyecroft, one of two daughters of John Quaintroll, is appearing and has a copy of his Will. This shows that the property is to pass to Elizabeth and her sister Muriel in equal shares. Elizabeth is now being admitted to her half share.

The list of property concerned runs to one and half pages, and consists of 14 parcel of land totalling 43 acres. (This is only the copyhold part - there was probably freehold property as well).
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