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Document Number:0506054
Title:Lease for a Year
Date:06 April 1801
For Sale:20.00
POOR - appears to have suffered from damp, badly discoloured, and with faded ink. Remains mostly legible throughout (with difficulty) - transcription available 10. In average condition normal price would be 50.
Parchment : 1 sheet 40cm x 55cm with 4 wax seals, 4 signatures and revenue stamps (these stamps are in shreds).
Summary of contents:
Richard HAYNES of Chackmore, Parish of Radclive, Buckinghamshire. Stone Mason, and Mary his wife.
William MERREY of Chackmore, Parish of Radclive, Buckinghamshire. Yeoman, and Sarah his wife.
John BARTLETT of Buckingham, Buckinghamshire.

We are told that Mary Haynes and Sarah Merrey are the only daughters and co-heiresses of Elizabeth Bradberry (deceased) the late wife of William Bradberry of Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire, Yeoman. Elizabeth Bradberry was the only daughter and heiress of Thomas Kemp of Chackmore who, in turn, was the nephew and devisee in the Will of Henry Smith of Chackmore.

This is the first part of a contract of sale by Lease and Release in which John Bartlett is buying property in Buckinghamshire from the other parties. It consists of one acre of arable land in a place called the Port Field of the Prebend of Buckingham with the Parsonage Land on its North side.
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