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Document Number:0506035
Date:29 September 1810
For Sale:85.00
Very good for its age
Parchment : 4 sheets 74cm x 60cm with 8 wax seals and revenue stamps
Summary of contents:
Edward YOUNGE late of Shipdham but now of Watton, Norfolk - Grocer and Mercer.
William Lane ROBINSON of Carbrooke, Norfolk - Gentleman.
David LONG of Cransworth, Norfolk - Farmer.
Thomas SMYTH of East Dereham, Norfolk Esquire.
Jane CUSHING of Shipdham, Norfolk - Spinster.
Thomas WIGG late of High Holborn, Middlesex, but now of Shipdham, Norfolk - Grocer and Tea Dealer.`
Thomas THORN of Hackford, Norfolk - Farmer.
John HARVEY of Watton, Norfolk - Gentleman.

This is the second part of a contract of sale by Lease and Release in which Edward Younge is selling property in Shipdham, Norfolk, to Thomas Wigg. It consists of a messuage and field adjoining, totalling 5 acres, bounded on the North by the highway from Bradenham to Norwich, and on the East by the churchyard.

The first two pages are devoted to "whereas" clauses which summarise the history of this property since 1786. Note in particular that in 1786 the property was conveyed to Mary Rising for a term of 1000 years as security for a mortgage. This mortgage was then transferred to Jane Cushing in 1805, but has since been paid off. The term of 1000 years is being assigned to John Harvey, a trustee acting on behalf of Thomas Wigg.

The purchase money is being paid by Thomas Wigg, but the property is actually being conveyed to Robert Thorne to hold in trust for him.

The other 3 parties listed - ie William Robinson, David Long and Thomas Smyth - are previous owners or trustees of the property and are included only to confirm that they no longer have any interest in it.

See also document number 0506034 which is the "Lease for a Year" which immediately preceeds the Release.

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