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Document Number:0506013
Date:28 June 1880
For Sale:66.00
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Parchment : 2 sheets 62cm x 74cm with 6 wax seals, 6 signatures and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Jonathan SCHOFIELD of Heywood, Lancashire, Beerseller, and Nancy SCHOFIELD his wife.
Henry CHATTERLEY, formerly of Heywood, Lancashire, but now of Manchester, Lancashire. Beerseller.
James WILD of Heywood, Lancashire. Clogger.
Margaret Mary Teresa BOYLE of Heywood, Lancashire. Widow.
Robert MARSH of Heywood, Lancashire. Beerseller.
John STAKE (deceased) of Heywood, Lancashire.

The document begins by reciting that a 999 year lease was given to John STAKE in 1823 on a plot of 450 square yards in the village of Heywood, parish of Bury, Lancashire. John STAKE died in 1841 leaving his property to his wife Nancy, his son Robert STAKE and two daughters, Elizabeth the wife of John WHITTAKER and AmeIla the wife of Joseph WILD.

There are then about 18 'whereas' clauses giving details of what happened to these three branches of the family. Amongst other details, Robert STAKE died in 1859 leaving a widow Ann, who died in 1878 having appointed Jonathan SCHOFIELD and Henry CHATTERLEY as her executors. James WILD is the son of Ameila WILD. Administration of the estate of Elizabeth Whittaker has been granted to Margaret BOYLE.

They are now selling various properties in Heywood, including a Beerhousee called the Dog and Partridge, to Robert MARSH for 1230.
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