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Document Number:0506001
Title:Indenture Apprenticeship
Date:01 March 1905
For Sale:36.00
Good consistent with age
Paper : 4 sheets 21cm x 28cm handwritten on 7 sides. 3 signatures stamped and sealed.
Summary of contents:
Frederick Henry Grimshaw of 70 Tyldesley Road, Atherton, Lancashire. Civil Engineer and Surveyor to the Urban District Council of Atherton.

Wilfred Roscoe (son of Mary Jane Roscoe, Widow) of "The Hollies", Walkden, Lancashire.

Mary Roscoe is paying 105 for her son, Wilfred, to be apprenticed to Frederick Grimshaw for 4 years. During that time Wilfred is expected to take the examinations of the Institute of Civil Engineers and, if successful, Frederick Grimshaw will endeavour to have him admitted to that Institute.

Mary Roscoe is to find and provide for Wilfred during that time. The Indenture stipulates that Wilfred will not be required to work more than 14 miles from Atherton Market Place without the consent of Mary Roscoe.

Frederick Grimshaw adds a note at the end to say that the apprenticeship was completed in 1909.
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