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Document Number:0505116
Date:30 June 1853
For Sale:66.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 3 sheets 69cm x 55cm 6 wax seals and signatures with revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
William DUKE of Hastings, Sussex. Esquire. Doctor of Medicine.
The Rev Thomas D'Eye BETTS of Martlesham, Suffolk. Clerk.
George BETTS of Martlesham, Suffolk. Esquire.
Mary BETTS of Martlesham, Suffolk. Spinster.
Katherine Harriet GOODWIN of Martlesham, Suffolk. Spinster.
Frederick Goodwin DOUGHTY of Woodbridge, Suffolk. Esquire.
Sophia BETTS (deceased) of Hastings, Sussex, Spinster

The document begins by reciting that Sophia Betts died on 14/8/1842 having appointed William Duke, Thomas d'Eye Betts (her eldest brother) and James Betts (also her brother) as Executors and Trustees of her will.

Her will directs that her real estate (mostly in Diss, Norfolk) was to be sold with the proceeds to be invested for the benefit of her brothers and also her sister Harriet Betts. Since then James Betts died in 1849 and Harriet Betts died in 1852, both childless. As a result the only surviving beneficiaries are Thomas d'Eye Betts and his 3 children George, Mary and Katherine Harriet Betts.

In this indenture her remaining real estate is being sold to Frederick Doughty and the proceeds, together with Sophia's personal estate distributed among Thomas Betts and his family.

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