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Document Number:0505110
Date:16 June 1859
For Sale:58.00
Good, consistent with age.
Parchment : 70cm x 53cm 2 sheets with 3 Wax Seals and 2 signatures, with Revenue Stamps.
Summary of contents:
George SPENCE of number 11 Cooks Court, Carey Street, Lincolns Inn Fields, Middlesex.
Betsey SPENCE (formerly Betsey Simmons) of number 11 Cooks Court, Carey Street, Lincolns Inn Fields, Middlesex. The wife of George SPENCE
James Ormond NORMAN of number 89 Chancery Lane, Middlesex.

George and Betsey Spence are mortgaging property in Bexley Heath to James Ormond Norman. It appears that the property originally belonged to Betsey Spence before she was married, and that she had then borrowed 120 from James Norman. They are now borrowing a further 150. Both sums are secured on this mortgage.

The property is on the North side of the Dover Turnpike road and consists of a Schoolroom, dining room, garden and playground. It was leased to Henry Edwards in 1839 for a term of 21 years.

The question of married women's property rights clearly figure in this indenture, but I can't work out exactly what is going on. We are told that George and Betsey have agreed previous to their marriage that the reversion of this property at the end of the lease will be "as Betsey Spence should after her marriage appoint in writing under her hand". But she intends to do this writing on the day after this Indenture.
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