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Document Number:0505102
Title:Discharge of Legacy
Date:30 June 1823
For Sale:30.00
Fair. Many spots of discolouration and with a small portion of one corner missing, but otherwise good for a paper document of its age,
Paper : 2 sheets 32cm x 21cm (written on 1 side of 1 sheet only) with embossed revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
William Scott of Carleton Rode, Norfolk. Worsted Weaver.
Stephen Taylor of Carleton Rode, Norfolk. Worsted Weaver.
Ann Wright of Carleton Rode, Norfolk. Widow.

This is a copy made in 1823 of an original document of 1792. The copy has been signed and dated as an attested copy and is on paper watermarked 1815.

The document is an acknowledgment by Stephen Taylor and his wife Ann, of the receipt of 4 left to Ann by her father.

We are told that Ann is the daughter of William Scott, was later Ann Wright, and was widowed before marrying Stephen Taylor. William Scott also had a son Richard, who was his executor.
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