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Document Number:0505053
Date:03 June 1859
For Sale:60.00
Very good.
Parchment : 1 sheet 63cm x 79cm with 3 wax seals, revenue stamps and a plan of the property on a 2nd sheet 25cm x 40cm.
Summary of contents:
George Vasey of Whitby, Yorkshire. Joiner but now out of business.
Eleanor Laycock of Whitby, Lancashire. Widow.
Thomas Nesfield of Whitby, Yorkshire. Master Mariner.

George Vasey is selling property in Whitby to Thomas Nesfield for 250.

The property consists of a plot with newly erected dwelling house in Cleveland Terrace, township of Ruswarp, Whitby.

We are told that this property was acquired by George Vasey, the son of the one in this contract, in 1856. The younger George Vasey died a bachelor and intestate in February 1859, leaving his father as heir at law.

Eleanor Laycock only comes into it in that she holds the indenture of the 1856 sale and covenants to produce it if required.
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