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Document Number:0505051
Title:Abstract of Title
Date:01 January 1876
For Sale:35.00
Paper : 3 sheets 32cm x 40cm plus full page plan of property, and cover sheet.
Summary of contents:
George VASEY of Whitby, County of York, late Joiner but now out of business.
Thomas NESFIELD of Whitby, County of York. Master Mariner.

Abstract of Title to a messuage and hereditaments situate in the township of Ruswarp in the Parish of Whitby in the County of York belonging to Mr Thomas Nesfield and contracted to be sold to Mr Thomas WOOD.

The document consists of a summary of an Indenture of 1859 in which George Vasey sold the property to Thomas Nesfield.
It is a plot of 250 sq.yds in Cleveland Terrace, which was a new street at the time.

The date '1876' is written on the front cover and this is very probably when the document was written.
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