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Document Number:0505049
Date:18 November 1878
SOLD - transcription available: 10.00
Good, Consistent with age.
Physical description:
Parchment : 2 sheets 42cm x 26cm with 3 wax seals, revenue stamp and small plan on the reverse.
Summary of contents
Thomas Paine of Gresham House, Old Broad Street, London. Gentleman.
Isaac Edward Everett of Stafford, Staffordshire. Gentleman.
Ralph Goodwin of Brown Edge, Parish of Norton in the Moors, Staffordshire. Collier.

Thomas Paine and Isaac Edward Everett are selling a plot of land at Brown Edge, Norton on the Moors, to Ralph Goodwin. The plot contains 2 roods, 25 perches and is on the West side of the road from Sandy Lane to Norton.

This is an unusual document written on a very fine and smooth grade of parchment (maybe this one really is vellum? or is it a more modern 'parchment substiture'?). It appears to be a 'standard' document in that most of it is written in one hand with a few blanks filled in by another,

It begins with a long recital of an indenture of June 1878 relating to the Manor of Norton in the Moors. It explains that there has been encroachment on the waste land of the Manor and, in order to regularise the state of affairs, all land affected is being sold by the Lords of the Manor to Thomas Paine and Isaac Everett. These two undertake, as soon as conveniently possible, to sell all the land either by Public auction or Private Sale.

So, presumably, this is one of many similar indentures where parts of the manorial waste land are sold off plot by plot.
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