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Document Number:0505023
Date:13 November 1838
For Sale:70.00
Very good. Very clean and tidy for its age
Parchment : 2 sheets 58cm x 75cm with 3 wax seals and revenue stamps
Summary of contents:
Fountain Winter of Swaffham, Norfolk. Butcher.
Rev John Jowett of Bourne, Cambridgeshire.
John Jessup of Swaffham, Norfolk. Yeoman.
Brooke Taylor of Swaffham, Norfolk. Gentleman.

The indenture relates to 3 newly erected houses (which were formerly one house) in Lynn Street, Swaffham.

This document begins by reciting a series of transactions regarding this property from 1788 to 1810. The first of these had involved a mortgage in which the property was demised for a term of 1,000 years subject to a proviso for redemption by a certain date. Redemption did not take place, so it was then possible to sell the property for the residue of the 1,000 years.

It gets more complicated as it goes on, but Fountain Winters appears to have bought the property in 1817 subject to money owing on it to John Clarke of Southacre, Norfolk. After the death of John Clarke, the debt was transferred to John Jowett in 1821.

In 1837, the property was sold by auction at the George Inn, Swaffham, to John Jessup for 350, of which 250 is owing to John Jowett. This indenture formalises the sale with Brooke Taylor (I think!) only as a trustee.
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