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Document Number:0505022
Title:Feoffment to Uses
Date:18 November 1807
For Sale:75.00
Good. Somewhat discoloured but otherwise good for its age.
Parchment : 1 sheet 47cm x 65cm with wax seal and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
John Knock of Fincham, Norfolk. Cordwainer.
Thomas Wright of Fincham, Norfolk. Blacksmith.
Zachariah Cave of Grays Inn, Middlesex. Gentleman.

John Knock is selling a plot of land in Fincham, Norfolk, to Thomas Wright for 10/10/-d. The plot is 11ft x 10ft and Thomas Wright has built a shoeing shed on it.

The legal details of this contract are a bit unclear. The phrase 'to uses' in the title is similar to the later 'in trust' and Zachariah Cave is evidently the trustee.

The end result is that the property clearly belongs to Thomas Wright, and he can pass it on in his will as he pleases. The sole restriction seems to be that 'the present or future wife of Thomas Wright may not be entitled to Dower out of the Estate'.
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