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Document Number:0505019
Title:Copy of Will
Date:03 June 1720
For Sale:40.00
Condition:Very good for a paper document of this age. It has one small hole and a tear 2cm long on the final page, but these do not affect legibility.
Paper : 4 sheets 32cm x 40cm. This is an attested copy dated 1st November 1800.
Summary of contents:
William Boughton of Rugby, Warwickshire. Esquire.

Ann Boughton, the widow of his brother Edward BOUGHTON.
William BOUGHTON son of his brother Edward BOUGHTON
Elizabeth and Catherine BOUGHTON, daughters of his brother Edward Boughton.

Dame Catherine BOUGHTON of Catesby, Northamptonshire. Widow.
Rev Henry HOLYOAK of Rugby, Warwickshire.
Rev Edward SHERRIER of Shawell, Leicestershire.

William Boughton gives all his property to his Trustees mainly for the benefit of his sister Ann, and then for his nephew, William, after he reaches the age of 25. There is real estate in Rugby and Leicestershire, together with securities in the East India and South Sea companies.

He makes bequests of 2,500 each to his nieces Elizabeth and Catherine, with conditions encouraging " one or other of them to marry his cousin Richard Boughton".

He directs that he should be buried in the church of Bilton, Warwickshire opposite his parents.
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