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Document Number:0504299
Date:09 March 1864
SOLD - transcription available: 28.00
Good, consistent with age. There appears to be a small burn hole on the first sheet (less than 1 cm across), which seems to have been repaired.
Physical description:
Parchment : 4 sheets 70cm x 58cm 9 wax seals, signatures and revenue stamps. Includes two later deeds of 1892 and 1900 written on the back of various sheets.
Summary of contents
Sarah JACOBS of Taunton, Somerset. Spinster.
Robert JACOBS father of Sarah, Taunton, Somerset. Yeoman.
Jane JACOBS Taunton, Somerset, wife of Robert JACOBS
Edward John Cornish PREW of Beercrowcombe, Somerset. Yeoman.
John Cornish PREW of West Monkton, Somerset. Yeoman
Henry Hine BALL of Hankridge in the Parish of West Monkton. Yeoman.
John Sawfell GRABHAM of Ilton, Somerset. Yeoman.

This is a settlement on the intended marriage of Mr Edward John Cornish Prew and Miss Sarah Jacobs, which takes place with the consent of Henry Ball, who is Sarah's guardian.

The document begins by reciting the will of a James Chappell who died in 1853 leaving property in trust for Jane Jacobs and her children. It continues with the death of Jane Jacobs in 1857, and of Robert Jacobs her husband in 1858. Henry Hine Ball was a trustee of the wills of both James Chappell and Robert Jacobs.

Jane Jacobs left 6 surviving children - the eldest being Mary Elizabeth, now the wife of John Grabham. All the others are still aged under 21. Sarah Jacobs is the second eldest, aged 19.

The effect of the settlement is to place the inheritance of Sarah Jacobs into the hands of George Grabham and John Cornish Prew as trustees. The full details of the arrangement run for two and a half sheets!

Edward Prew and Jane (now his wife) then added a Deed of Appointment in 1892 specifying that, after their death, the funds in trust should be divided equally between their children, subject to 50 being reserved for their granddaughter Kathleen Turner. Finally, in 1900 they added another Deed of Appointment which revoked that of 1892 - although the 50 reserved for Kathleen Turner appears to remain.