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Document Number:0504271
Date:22 April 1843
For Sale:75.00
Good, consistent with age.
Parchment : 70cm x 56cm 6 Sheets. 5 Wax Seals and Signatures. Revenue Stamps.
Summary of contents:
The Rev Thomas Littlewood GLEADOWE late of Roughton in the County of Lincoln, but now of Frodesby in the County of Salop. Clerk.
Harriett GLEADOWE the wife of Rev Thomas GLEADOWE (late Harriett ANDERSON. Spinster).
William ANDERSON late the town of Cambridge in Cambridgeshire. Esquire (deceased).
Elizabeth ANDERSON (deceased) the wife of William Anderson.
William WHITTRED late of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, and before this the City of Norwich. Esquire (deceased).
Capel LOFT late of the Middle Temple, City of London, now of the City of Exeter. Esquire.
The Rev John Osborne SEAGER of Stevenage, County of Hertfordshire. Clerk.
The Rev Richard William GLEADOWE of the City of Chester. Clerk.

Appointment of New Trustees under the Settlement made previous to the Marriage of The Reverend Thomas Littlewood Gleadowe and Miss Harriett Anderson and ASSIGNMENT of the present Trust Funds from the discontinuing Trustees to the new Trustees under it. CONVEYANCE by way of confirmation of a Freehold premises in Newnham and Cambridge and one quarter of a piece of land in the County of Cambridge - to uses BY INDORSEMENT.
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