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Document Number:0504270
Date:01 May 1804
For Sale:45.00
Good, consistent with age.
Parchment : 2 sheets 60cm x 79cm. This document has 3 wax seals and revenue stamps, but is not signed and the date not filled in, so the contract was probably not completed.
Summary of contents:
Robert Martin of Bressingham, Norfolk. Esquire.
John Cooper of 13 Fitzroy Street, City of London. Esquire.
John Steward of Norwich, Norfolk. Gentleman.

The document begins by stating that 'Robert Martin is seized in fee simple of the Impropriate Rectory Tithes Messuages .... hereinafter described subject to certain mortgages for securing 5,050 and upwards..... and being indebted to various persons upon mortgages of other lands....'.

Robert Martin is now selling to John Cooper and John Steward the Rectory of Ramsholt, Suffolk, with all buildings, glebe lands and meadows belonging to it. Also 'all tithes as well as great and small oblations'. We are told that the whole property is currently let at the annual rent of 450. He is also selling the Stanton George public house in Stanton, Suffolk, and the farm called 'Stanton Chair(?) Farm' also in Stanton.

The sale price is apparently 5 shillings, but the condition is that John Cooper and John Steward 'shall pay all and every such other of the creditors of the said Robert Martin as shall demand payment'.
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