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Document Number:0504236
Date:27 February 1924
For Sale:30.00
Paper : 3 sheet 41cm x 25cm signed and stamped
Summary of contents:
William Edward Peel of Stone Road End, Eston near Newark, Nottinghamshire. Farmer.
Peel Emmott of Broad Head Farm, Oakworth near Keighley, Yorkshire. Farmer.
Ida Baxandale of Hob Cote Farm, Oakworth, Yorkshire, the wife of Fred Baxandale, Farmer.
Sarah Blackbrough of Newlands, Colne road, Oakworth, Yorkshire, the wife of George Blackbrough. Surveyor.
Mary Elizabeth Emmott of 154 Broom Terrace, Sykes Head, Oakworth, Yorkshire. Spinster.
Annie Emmott of 154 Broom Terrace, Sykes Head, Oakworth, Yorkshire. Spinster.
Alice Emmott of 154 Broom Terrace, Sykes Head, Oakworth, Yorkshire. Spinster.
Lily Emmott (who has adopted and used the name Lily Priestley since childhood) of 93 Devonshire Street, Keighley, Yorkshire. Spinster.
Wilfred Turner of Keighley, Yorkshire. Solicitor.

The indenture results from the will of Mary Elizabeth Emmott, the wife of Peter Emmott, of Broad Head Farm, Oakworth, who died in 1914. She left her property to her husband for his lifetime and then to be divided equally among her children (except that Peel Emmott should receive a double share). William Peel and Peel Emmott were appointed trustees and executors.

At her death she left 8 children of whom Ethel Emmott has since died. The other 7 are parties to this contract, ie Peel, Mary, Annie, Alice and Lily Emmott, Ida Baxendale and Sarah Blackbrough. Her husband, Peter, then died in 1922. Ethel Emmott died intestate in 1923 so her share goes to her brothers and sisters.

Now Peel Emmott has made an offer of 900 to buy all the property from the other beneficiaries. We are specifically told that all his sisters have satisfied themselves that this is an advantageous offer, and have had independent legal advice as to the objections to a trustee buying property in his trust.

William Turner acts only as a trustee in the transaction.

The property consists of:

1. Farmhouse at Broadhead within Newsholme, Parish of Keighley with several closes and a piece of the Newsholme Common. The land is said to contain 46 days work.

2. A messuage called 'Lower White Hill' near Keighley, with land totalling 19 acres.

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