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Document Number:0504218
Date:17 September 1898
For Sale:45.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 2 sheets 30cm x 45cm with wax seal, signature and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
John PILKINGTON of Earnshaw Bridge, Leyland, Lancashire. Cotton Manufacturer.
William GARSTANG of Whittle le Woods, Lancashire. Blacksmith.
Spencer PILKINGTON (deceased) late of Chorley, Lancashire. Attorney at Law

The document begins by reciting that Spencer Pilkington died in 1844 leaving his real estate to various relations.

1) The children of his late sister Jane HAYHURST
2) The children of his late sister Ellen BOOTH
3) The daughter of his late brother John PILKINGTON
4) The half-brother Frances Sergeant PILKINGTON

After the will had been proved it was challenged by John Pilkington and a Court Order was made (in 1896) by which this John Pilkington was to sell all the real estate and pay the proceeds into court.

Accordingly, several lots were put up for sale by auction in July 1898. This document records the sale of one of them to William Garstang for 9. It consists of a garden of 11 perches in a road called Dolphins Brow, opposite the Old Millstone Inn in Whittle le Woods, Lancashire.

William Garstang had previously been the tenant of this plot.
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