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Document Number:0504217
Date:09 September 1872
SOLD - transcription available: 15.00
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Physical description:
Parchment : 2 sheets 72cm x 60cm 5 wax seals and signatures with revenue stamps.
Summary of contents
Matthew Twells of Eastwood in the County of Nottingham. Colliery Agent.
Gervas Rowbottom of Beauvale, County of Nottingham Grocer.
James Chambers of Eastwood, County of Nottinghamshire. Blacksmith.
Thomas Winfield of Watnall, County of Nottinghamshire. Shoemaker.
George Tooth of Mount Street, Town of Nottingham. Currier.

The document begins by reciting the Will of Thomas Winfield senior (the father of the one in this contract) who died in 1834. He left his property to his wife, Elizabeth, during her lifetime and then to his son, Thomas Winfield, subject to payment of 30 to his daughter, Ann.

Then, in 1843, Thomas Winfield borrowed 60 from Matthew Twells on the security of his expectations under this Will. He borrowed a further 40 in 1847. Elizabeth Winfield, his mother, died in 1849 and the 30 to Ann (now Ann Giles) has been paid. Then in 1850, Thomas Winfield borrowed a further 40 from Matthew Twells, Gervas Rowbottom and James Chambers. Thomas Winfield is now selling property in Kimberley, Nottinghamshire, to George Tooth for 250, of which 140 is paid direct to the holders of the various mortgages.

The property consists of 2 areas of pasture in the township of Kimberley, Nottinghamshire, bounded on the North by the road from Watnall to Kimberley