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Document Number:0504139
Title:Manor Court Document
Date:06 July 1895
For Sale:40.00
Good, consistent with age
Parchment : 4 sheets (written on 4 sides) 28cm x 20cm
Summary of contents:
Charles Frederick Kirkland of Islay Cottage, Rutherglen, Lanarkshire. Engineer.
George Gratton Kirkland of 69 Beulah Road, Walthamstow, Essex. Professor of Music.
Ebenezer Clarke (the younger) of The Drive, Walthamstow, Essex. Accountant.
Christopher Barker Symonds of Bonsall, Derbyshire. Steward of the Manor.

Charles Kirkland, George Kirkland and Ebenezer Clarke are being admitted to property in the Manor of Bonsall on payment of fines totalling five shillings and eleven pence halfpenny.

The property consists of:

1. 2 closes known as Great Near Hallows (4 acres) and Near Hallows (3 acres)
2. Barn and cowhouse standing on Well Near Hallows.
3. Piece of land called the Nether part of the Side Close.
4. Messuage called Greenhill.

We are told that this property had belonged to Frederick Kirkland who had been admitted in 1876 and died in February 1895.
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