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Document Number:0504122
Title:Abstract of Title
Date:01 January 1864
SOLD - transcription available: 25.00
Good consistent with age
Physical description:
Paper : 8 sheets plus cover sheet 42cm x 37cm on paper watermarked 1863
Summary of contents
John BEECROFT of Keighley, Yorkshire. Rope Maker.
Elizabeth BUTTERFIELD of Laycock, Parish of Keighley. Spinster.
Susanna SHACKLETON of Laycock, Keighley. Spinster.

The document is an abstract of title to a Farm and Buildings at Broadhead in the Parish of Keighley, Yorkshire.

The events begin with the will of Susanna Wright, (formerly Shackleton), Widow, who died in 1827 leaving her property to the 4 children of her late cousin,Susanna Butterfield, the wife of John Butterfield. These 4 children were Thomas, Betty and Theodosia Butterfield, together with Mary the wife of John Beecroft.

In 1830 John Beecroft bought the share of Elizabeth Butterfield for 700. Then, in 1831, he bought the share of Theodosia Butterfield, (then the wife of Stephen Hey), for a further 700. Finally, he bought Thomas Butterfield's share in 1835 for 790.

John Beecroft died in 1852 leaving 2 sons, William and John, and 5 daughters, Jane Barrett and Ann Beecroft, Susanna Sharp, Christiana Sharman and Mary Beecroft.

The document is not explicitly dated but the most recent event recorded was in 1859, and it is written on paper watermarked 1863. The date, 1864 appears on the cover, and this is presumably the year in which it was written.