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Document Number:0504102
Title:Deed of Covenant
Date:27 June 1851
For Sale:55.00
Good, consistent with age.
Parchment : 1 sheet 52cm x 72cm with 4 wax seals (but only one signature).
Summary of contents:
Thomas NOWELL of Barrowford, Lancashire. Farmer.
Christopher GRIMSHAW of Barrowford, Lancashire. Cotton Spinner.
William BALDWIN of Barrowford, Lancashire. Wireworker.
Thomas HARGREAVES of Barrowford, Lancashire. Gentleman.

(The 3 latter names are the Trustees of the Barrowford Victoria Benefit Building Society)

The document begins by reciting a "Surrender" of the same date (27/6/1851) in which Thomas Nowell and Jane his wife have surrendered property in Barrowford, Lancashire to the Trustees of the Barrowford Building Society.

The property consists of a plot of land, part of Stack Field, containing 310 sq.yds and with 4 dwelling houses erected thereon. The Surrender was in consideration of 120, and this Indenture is a covenant to repay the loan.

(This all looks as though it must be a straightforward mortgage - but the arrangement of a Surrender and Deed of Covenant is not something that I have come across before.)
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