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Document Number:0504094
Title:Copy of Court Document
Date:08 January 1794
For Sale:40.00
Fair. Foxed at the edges and with some sign of stain due to dampness, but complete, legible and otherwise in good condition.
Paper : 1 sheet 42cm x 32cm with embossed revenue stamp. Paper is watermarked 1805.
Summary of contents:
Susanna Conway of Stoke Abbas, Dorset, widow of the late Thomas Conway of Stoke Abbas. Gentleman.

Note that I have 2 copies of this document, both in very similar condition, each priced at 40. One is a 'rough' copy with several corrections whilst the other is a 'fair' copy. Both appear to have been written in 1809 and are attested copies of an original document of 1794.

The document is headed 'The Manors of Beaminster Prima and Beaminster Secunda' and begins "Be it remembered that on the day and year above Susanna Conway of Stoke Abbas did in the presence of John Sucker and William Gerrard Oveleigh Customary Tenants of the Manors aforesaid .....appoint her sons William Conway and Thomas Conway to be the next tenants jointly after her decease into all her customary and copyhold lands .....".

The final sentence tells us that Susanna can change her mind and "if she is desirous to revoke and make void the same and shall for that purpose tender six pence unto any tenant of the said manor, then the said nomination shall become void".
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