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Document Number:0504083
Date:25 July 1817
For Sale:70.00
Good, consistent with age.
Parchment : 1 sheet 60cm x 70cm with 1 wax seal and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
Cecilia TALBOYS of Finchley, Middlesex. Spinster.
James HARMER of 29 Hatton Garden, Middlesex. Gentleman.
George CRANE of 35 Rathbone Place, Middlesex. Gentleman.
James HARKER of The Yorkshire Grey, Charlote Street, Fitzroy Square, Middlesex. Gentleman.
William CURTS of Finchley, Middlesex. Hay Salesman.

The recitals begin with a 41 year lease granted in 1803 on a plot of 1 acre with a cottage on or near Fincley Common. A second cottage has since been built on the plot, with both cottages owned by James Harmer, George Crane and James Harker.

The original cottage with the residue of the 41 year lease has recently been sold to Cecilia Talboys. The second cottage is now being sold to William Curtis for 150 but this is sold as a sublease from Cecilia Talboys who is therefore also party to the contract.

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