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Document Number:0504081
Date:19 September 1867
For Sale:65.00
Good, consistent with age.
Parchment : 2 sheets 55cm x 70cm with 2 wax seals and revenue stamps. Includes a separate Indenture of Assignment of 1871, written on the back of 1 sheet.
Summary of contents:
Adolphe SALOMON of 504 Oxford Street, Middlesex. Dealer in Curiosities.
Edwin HOWARD of 66 Paternoster Row, City of London. Gentleman.

Additional parties to the 1871 Indenture:
Mary LAUBER of 15 Upper Camden Grove, Peckham, Surrey. Spinster.
National Industrial Life Assurance and General Deposit and Advance Company.

The document begins by reciting 2 Leases of 1865 for 99 years on property at numbers 11 and 12 Sidmouth Terrace, Commercial Road, Parish of of Giles, Camberwell.

Then James Hull mortgaged the property for 500 in 1865 and the mortgage was later transferred to Adolphe Salomon in 1867. We are then told of an Indenture of January 1867 in which James Hull says that he was only acting as an agent for Edwin Howard to whom he accordingly assigns the residue of the leases.

In this present Indenture Adolphe Salomon is borrowing 419 from the National Life Assurance Company on the security of these leases and with the agreement of Edwin Howard. This Indenture would become void if 430 is repaid on the due date.

In the second Indenture of 1871, Edwin Howard and Adolphe Salomon are selling the residue of the lease to Mary Lauber for 340, which she pays to the National Life Assurance Company. In addition, Edwin Howard has to pay the Company a further 90 to clear off the earlier loan.
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