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Document Number:0504079
Date:05 August 1830
For Sale:60.00
Very good
Parchment : 1 sheet 78cm x 62cm with 4 wax seals and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Gilbert Howls of Walford, Herefordshire. Blacksmith
Joseph Browne of Walford, Herefordshire. Yeoman
John Stratford Collins of Ross, Herefordshire. Gentleman
Edward Withastone of Bridstow, Herefordshire. Yeoman
Edward Marsh Davis of Ross, Herefordshire. Gentleman

This is the second part of a contract of sale by Lease and Release by which Gilbert Howls is selling property in the parish of Walford, Herefordshire to Edward Whithastone for 140. The property consists of a cottage with 3 acres of orchard and coppice adjoinng. It is near to places called "The Warren" and "Mayos Kiln".

We are told that in 1826 Gilbert Howls had mortgaged the property to Joseph Browne for 50. That mortgage is still outstanding and of the 140 purchase price, 50 will be paid direct to Joseph Browne to clear the mortgage.

John Collins and Edward Davis act only as trustees and play little real part.
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