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Document Number:0504075
Date:12 February 1879
For Sale:58.00
Very good
Parchment : 75cm x 56cm 1 sheet with 4 wax seals, revenue stamp and signatures. Schedule of deeds at bottom dating back to 1852.
Summary of contents:
James BOWES of Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Cloth Manufacturer.
James SUTCLIFFE of Bradford, Yorkshire. Dentist.
Richard BROOK of Bradford, Yorkshire. Cloth Manufacturer.
John RHOADES of Thornton Road, Bradford, Yorkshire. Wool and Waste Merchant.
Peter RUSSELL of Bradford, Yorkshire. Gentleman (deceased)

The indenture begins by summarising the will of Peter Russell (who died in 1876) in which he appointed James Bowes, James Sutcliffe and Richard Brook as Trustees.

These three trustees are now selling a house in Bradford to John Rhoades for 300. It is No 271 (formerly No 215) Kensington Street, Girlington, township of Manningham.

A schedule of deeds lists Indentures relating to this property from 1852 to 1870. From this it appears that the property came into the hands of Peter Russell in 1870.
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