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Document Number:0504018
Title:Copy of Will with Probate
Date:01 January 1847
For Sale:35.00
The will is in average condition but the grant of probate is scruffy and badly folded. The pendant seal has been repaired with sellotape at some stage.
Parchment : copy of will on 1 sheet 37cm x 65cm with attached grant of probate and pendant seal.
Summary of contents:
Issac Jackson of Pits'oth Moor in Bury, Lancashire, Collier.

John Jackson, his son.
James Jackson, his son.

James Nullall, a grandson, the son of Alice (nee Jackson) and Thomas Nullall.

The will begins by stating "some years ago I purchased some cottage property ..... and advanced a deposit of 100, but I never had any title made to me thereof". He then also authorises his executors to pay whatever remains to be paid and sort it all out. (There is no mention of where the property may be).

In addition to the executors and beneficiary named above, there is also mention of a (deceased) daughter Mary, the wife of John Nullall.

His estate is valued at under 600.
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