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Document Number:0504016
Date:18 June 1873
For Sale:63.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 75cm x 58cm 8 wax seals with signatures and embossed stamp.
Summary of contents:
Thomas CROSS of Barnton, Chester, Cheshire. Waterman.
Abraham MOLYNEUX of Barnton, Cheshire, Cheshire. Waterrman.
Sarah MOLYNEUX wife of Abraham
William HICKSON of Liverpool, Lancashire. Merchant.
Elizabeth HICKSON wife of William
Samuel CROSS of Barnton, Chester, Cheshire. Waterman.
John CROSS of Barnton, Chester, Cheshire. Waterman.
Algernon FLETCHER of Northwich, Chester, Cheshire. Gentleman.

The document begins by reciting that Samuel Cross (senior - who is the father of the one listed above), died in 1849 intestate. His family then consisted of Ann Cross his wife (since deceased), and children Thomas Cross, Sarah Molyneux, John Cross, Elizabeth Hickson and Samuel Cross. The family agreed that Ann Cross should continue to live in her husband's house during her widowhood and also receive the rents from three other houses owned by him. After her death or remarriage the four houses were to be divided equally among the children.

Following the death of Ann Cross, the children have agreed that each of John, Samuel, Thomas and Sarah should receive one house each. Elizabeth Hickson appears to have renounced her right to any share.

This indenture is part of the process of implementing that agreement. In it, Thomas Cross is conveying one of the houses in Barnton, Cheshire, to Algernon Fletcher who is to hold it in trust for John Cross and his wife Adelaide.
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