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Document Number:0503088
Title:Lease and Release
Date:03 April 1796
For Sale:75.00
Excellent condition for a paper document of this age. Only the cover sheet is a little scruffy.
Paper Watermarked 1795. 6 sheets, written on one side of each sheet. Embossed duty stamp.
Summary of contents:
George Beedham of Norton Disney in Lincolnshire. Yeoman.
Elizabeth Beedham wife of George Beedham
Richard Hutton of Carlton upon Trent, Nottinghamshire. Gentleman.
Matthew Rogers of Bassingham, Lincolnshire. Farmer.

This is an ATTESTED COPY of TWO INDENTURES of LEASE AND RELEASE made on 3rd and 4th April, 1796. The effect is that George and Elizabeth Beedham are selling property in Bassingham, Lincolnshire, for 1186/17/0d.

I must admit to being confused by this one and can't work out whether it is Richard Hutton or Matthew Rogers who is the real purchaser. The Lease for a Year is certainly made to Richard Hutton, but Matthew Rogers is far more prominent in the Release. It is Rogers who pays the purchase price and many other actions are "by the Direction and Appointment" of Rogers, even though Richard Hutton seems to benefit. I suspect that Rogers is the real purchaser and Hutton is some sort of nominee.

The property consists of:

1. Messuage and homestead now in the occupation of Matthew Rogers with a parcel of meadow of 12 acres known as Golden Dale and Home Close.

2. A close of meadow of 5 acres known as Gay Furze.

3. A close of meadow of 8 acres known as Larr Carr.

This is a complicated contract and mention of a case in the Court of Common Pleas between George Beecham and Mathew Rogers comes into it at some point.
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