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Original (signed) document & photo
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Document Number:0503081
Date:11 March 1873
For Sale:46.00
Condition:Fair. Slightly grubby and crumpled for its age but complete and legible throughout.
Parchment : 2 sheets 44cm x 28cm, signed and stamped with a plan of the property.
Summary of contents:
Charles Gilbert Eversfield of Denne Park, Horsham, Sussex. Esquire.
John Weatherseed of Hastings, Sussex. Carpenter.

John Weatherseed is buying property at number 16 Newgate Road, Bohemia, Hastings, from Charles Eversfield for 36.

The plan appears to indicate that John Weatherseed already owns numbers 15 and 17 Newgate Road.

Charles Eversfield undertakes to produce a copy of an indenture of 1844 (which was presumably when he acquired the property).
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