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Document Number:0503079
Date:13 August 1895
For Sale:50.00
Good, consistent with age.
Parchment : 3 sheets 40cm x 26cm
Summary of contents:
Henry Dacre of Otley, Yorkshire. Gentleman
John Anderson of Otley, Yorkshire. Gentleman (deceased 1864)
Sarah England of Keighley, Yorkshire. Widow.

This is a record of a Customary Court Baron of the Manor of Otley, Yorkshire held before Henry Dacre the Deputy Steward and signed by him as a true copy of the Court Roll.

It contains a long history in a series 16 'whereas' clauses starting with the death of John Anderson of Otley in 1864. At the time of his death he had 4 surviving children. Thomas, Sarah, Jane and Ann. A little of the story of all of them is given, but the central daughter in this Indenture is Sarah, who married Henry England in 1867. Henry died in 1885.

Sarah England is now appearing before the Manor Court trying to sort out a convoluted inheritance of a property originally left by John Anderson. It relates to a 1/8th share of a dwelling house in Caley Place, Otley.

NB the document does not state that Sarah England is 'of Keighley, Yorkshire', but that is where she seems to be in the 1881 census - so I have used Keighley in our surname index.
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