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Document Number:0503056
Title:Settlement of Marriage
Date:05 September 1812
For Sale:73.00
Good, consistent with age.
Parchment : 2 sheets 75cm x 58cm 2 sheets with 9 wax seals, revenue stamps and signatures. A second Indenture of 1824 is written on the back of the second sheet.
Summary of contents:
PARTIES (to the main Indenture of 1812)

Belinda COURTENAY of Charles Street, Soho Square, County of Middlesex. Widow.
William SMITH of Fleet Street, City of London. Perfumer.
John DESSE of Beams Buildings, Chancery Lane, Middlesex. Gentleman.

(Additional parties to the 2nd Indenture of 1824)
Lancelot SHADWELL of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex. Esquire.
Robert HARRIS of Brunswick Square, Middlesex. Esquire.
Andrew John SMITH of Cornhill, City of London. Esquire.
Joseph GREVES of The Strand, Middlesex. Hosier.

This is a settlement made before the intended marriage of William Smith and Belinda Courtenay.

It concerns a "parcel of ground with the double brick messuage" erected thereon on the West side of Upper Thornhaugh Street, Middlesex, for which a 99 year lease was given in 1792. This lease is now owned by Belinda Courtenay, it having come to her from the will of Bartholomew Courtenay. She is now conveying it to John Desse in trust to her own use. (I presume that the object of this is to keep it at arms length from her husband).

In the second Indenture of 1824 we are told that John Desse died in 1822 having appointed Lancelot Shadwell, Robert Morris and Andrew Smith as executors. These executors have agreed with Joseph Greves that he is to be the new trustee of the settlement in place of John Desse. They are now transferring the residue of the lease to him (it remains in trust to the use of Belinda Smith).
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