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Document Number:0503049
Title:Deed of Covenant
Date:04 September 1824
For Sale:48.00
Poor. Some small holes at the intersection of the folds. Some writing is illegible along the folds. About 90% of the document is still legible.
Parchment : 2 sheets 59cm x 69cm with 5 wax seals and revenue stamps. A second indenture of 1832 completely fills the back of one sheet and has a further 6 wax seals.
Summary of contents:
Parties to the main (1824) indenture
William Bromley of Grays Inn, Middlesex. Gentleman.
William Hall the younger of Elm Tree Road, St Johns Wood, Parish of Marylebone, Middlesex. Builder.
Charles Hall of George Street, Montague Square, Middlesex. Builder.
Caleb Hall of George Street, Montague Square, Middlesex. Builder.

Additional parties to the 1832 indenture
Daniel Carter of Bedford Place, Kensington, Middlesex.
Robert Charsley of Mark Lane, City of London. Gentleman.
James Hutchins of Hendon, Middlesex. Gentleman.

Subject (1824 indenture)
The indenture concerns 2 pieces of ground in Kensington, Middlesex, bounded on the North by a new street proposed to be called Camden Street, but now called Bedford Place (there is a small plan in the margin of the document).

It appears that William Bromley has leased the property to William Charles and Caleb Hall, and these later covenant to build a number of houses at a marketable value of not less than 500. This they will do before 25/09/1825.

1832 indenture
This tells us that William Hall died in 1829 appointing James Hutchins as sole executor of his will. We are also told that, since 1824, William Hall and the others have built on certain parts of the plots, and in 1826, they mortgaged it for 969.

Charles and Caleb Hall are now selling an uncovered part of the original plot (190ft x 12ft) to Daniel Carter and Robert Charsley for 225.
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