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Document Number:0503042
Title:Deed of Covenant
Date:20 October 1892
For Sale:50.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 60cm x 71cm with 5 red wax seals, signatures and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
Harry WALKER of Albert Road, Colne, Lancashire. Sizer.
William MAY of Albert Road, Colne, Lancashire. Gentleman.
Henry Mancknols WALTON of Walverdon House, Nelson, Lancashire. Ironmonger.
Joseph Henry PICKLES of Keighley Road, Colne, Lancashire. Hatter.
Hartley WILKINSON of 'The Nags Head' Beerhouse, Windybank, Colne, Lancashire. Loom Tackler.
Henry SUNDERLAND of Colne, Lancashire. Draper. (deceased).

The document begins by reciting that Henry Sutherland died in 1864 having appointed Henry Pickles as trustee and executor of his will. Henry Pickles died in 1888 and the duties passed to his Heir, Joseph Henry Pickles.

In some way under this same will, Harry Walker, William May, and Henry Walton, are selling property at Windybank, Colne, to Hartley Wilkinson for 103. This is Copyhold land held of the Manor of Colne and a necessary part of the sale, which is the object of this document, and is that Joseph Pickles covenants to surrender the property to the Lord of the Manor.

The property is a "double messuage" which is numbered both 10 Park Road and 11 Union Street, Windybank.
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