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Document Number:0503031
Date:20 March 1767
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Poor. This is a large sheet which has several small holes and tears along the folds. At the corner of one fold, there is a large hole approximately 3cm x 4cm. With the exception of this hole, the document is complete and legible.
Physical description:
Paper : 1 sheet 48cm x 67cm with 6 wax seals and embossed revenue stamp.
Summary of contents
Robert Rudland (or Rudlen) of Nayland, Suffolk. Victualler.
Sarah (nee Hazell) wife of Robert Rudland.
John Wyatt of Ardleigh, Essex. Husbandman.
Elizabeth (nee Hazell) wife of John Wyatt
George Hazell of Stowmaries, Essex. Farmer.
John Hazell of Elmstead, Essex. Farmer.
John Hazell of Ardleigh, Essex. Farmer. (died 1766).

We are told that John Hazell of Ardleigh died in 1766 intestate, leaving as his closest relatives, Joseph Hazell his brother, Sarah Rudland and Elizabeth Wyatt his two half-sisters, and George and John Hazell two children of a half-brother, George Hazell.

Joseph Hazell took out Letters of Administration for his brother John and valued his estate at 1705/3/2d. In this document all the relatives acknowledge that they have received their share and release Joseph Hazell of any further obligation.

A small schedule is attached of various sums owing to John Hazell at the time of his death.