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Document Number:0503030
Title:Deed of Covenant
Date:07 April 1815
For Sale:76.00
Parchment : 1 sheet 80cm x 65cm, signed with 2 wax seals and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
John Wright the elder of Lenton, Nottinghamshire. Esquire
John Wright the younger of Lenton, Nottinghamshire. Esquire
John Ludlow of Scarrington, Nottingham. Farmer

The document begins by telling us that on the same day as this indenture, the two Wrights sold property in Nottinghamshire to John Ludlow. However, various title deeds to their property are to remain in the possession of the two Wrights. Accordingly, this document covenants that they will be made available as required by John Ludlow.

A Schedule lists 21 such documents dating from 1703 onwards.

The Wright family starts to appear in these documents from 1764 onwards, and (in order) includes John Wright, Thomas Wright, Jehabod Wright.
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