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Document Number:0503022
Date:19 December 1810
For Sale:60.00
Fair. The parchment document has considerable discolouration, but is otherwise okay. The paper document is badly crumpled with small tears along one edge, but remains completely legible.
Parchment : 1 sheet 32cm x 56cm with wax seal and escutcheoned revenue stamp. A related paper document (1 sheet 29cm x 32cm) is attached. Both are printed documents with manuscript insertions.
Summary of contents:
Thomas Rowley of Overton, Staffordshire. Gentleman.
Ralph Simcock of Biddulph Moor in the Manor of Horton, Staffordshire. Yeoman.

The documents arise from an Act of Parliament of the 48th year of George III for inclosing lands in the Manor of Horton. Thomas Rowley is the Commissioner appointed by the Act to administer the operation. Ralph Simcock is paying 40/10/0d for a portion of the inclosed land consisting of a 'House, Cow House, Shop, Garden and 2 Crofts containing 1 acre situate at Biddulph Moor'. Both the parchment and paper documents say much the same things.
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