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Document Number:0503011
Date:12 August 1891
SOLD - transcription available: 8.00
Excellent. Neat, clean and legible throughout.
Physical description:
Parchment : 25cm x 40cm 2 pages with 2 wax seals and revenue stamps. 2 signatures.
Summary of contents
Robert MARCH of Houghton Close House, Houghton by Wylam, Northumberland. Farmer.
Francis BARRASS of Westgate Road in the city and county of Newcastle upon Tyne. Estate Agent.
William WILSON of number 15 Elsden Road, Gosforth, Northumberland. Cow Keeper.
Robert ROCHESTER of Gosforth, Northumberland (deceased)

The document begins by reciting that Robert Rochester acquired property in Gosforth in 1879. He then died in 1890 having appointed Robert March and Francis Barrass as Executors. His wife Margaret died in 1891.

The Executors are now selling the property to William Wilson for 280. It consists of a dwelling house at 13 Elsdon Road, Gosforth, Northumberland on a plot of 122 sq.yds.