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Document Number:0503007
Title:Magistrates Copy
Date:07 December 1731
For Sale:30.00
Fragile! Holding together well for a paper document of its age but quite dog-eared around the edges. (continued below)
Paper : 4 sheets 31cm x 19cm closely written on 6 and a half sides.
Summary of contents:
CONDITION (continued)
The final sheet (which was the cover when folded) has some small holes along one fold and a small bite (4cm x 1 and a half cm) missing from one edge. With the latter exception the document is complete and entirely legible.

John Upton of Cheadle, Cheshire. Farmer.
Elizabeth Upton, wife of John Upton.

It appears that John Upton has died leaving his affairs in a right mess! The document details his assets (194) and debts (253) but in his will he leaves 170 to his sons Henry and Joseph Upton, and 30 to his daughter, Ann Upton. His wife Elizabeth is trying to salvage something from the wreckage.

The document appears to be a legal judgment of how to sort it out. The original report was written 04/12/1731, but this appears to be a copy dated 07/12/1731. It contains a wealth of detail on the assets and liabilities of John Upton, and also on the expenditure incurred by his wife since his death.

The document does not explicitly say that John Upton is 'of Cheadle, Farmer' or anything similar, but he has property in Cheadle Buckley and Cheadle Moseley, and he is clearly a farmer.
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