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Document Number:0502999
Title:Pedigree Documents
Date:01 January 1858
SOLD - transcription available: 12.00
Fair, one document has two holes and bad stains along one fold, but this does not affect legibility.
Physical description:
This is a group of 4 paper documents of which the main one is a 4 page " Statutory Declaration in verification of Pedigree ". 32cm x 20cm. All are manuscript.
Summary of contents
John Armitage of Richmond, Yorkshire. Gentleman.
Dobson Armitage of Bolan, Durham.
Thomas Fogg of Heighington, Durham. (d 1762)

The object of these documents is to demonstrate that Dobson Armitage is the heir to property in Heighington, Durham, which was originally left by the Will of Thomas Fogg who died in 1762.

The 4 page declaration signed and dated 1858 was made by John Armitage at Richmond, York, son of Cornelius Armitage of Heighington, Durham, and outlines the 4 generations of the family and relevant events as known to him. It is accompanied by 2 other sheets showing portions of the family tree. The 4th document is a brief covering note.

The family tree outline looks fairly straight forward and probably contains no great surprises, but there is a lot of detail as to dates of death and the existence or absence of Wills for the relevant people.