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Document Number:0502125
Date:02 August 1838
For Sale:65.00
Very good
Parchment : 78cm x 65cm 1 sheet with 3 wax seals and revenue stamp. Signatures of Daniel Dew and mark of James Whiting.
Summary of contents:
James WHITING, late of the Parish of Walford, Herefordshire, but now of Lidbrooke in the County of Gloucestershire. Yeoman.
Daniel DEW of the town of Ross in Herefordshire. Mercer.
Thomas BENNETT of the Parish of Hope Mansell, Herefordshire. Gentleman.

The document begins by reciting that James Whiting borrowed 190 from Daniel Dew in 1835 on the security of property in Walford, Herefordshire. With interest due this sum has risen to 206/14/-.

James Whiting is now selling the property to Thomas Bennet for 235, but with 206/14/- paid direct to Daniel Dew to clear the mortgage.

The property consists of a dwelling house together with the Upper Orchard (2.5 acres), the Lower Orchard (1.5 acres) and other parcels of land totalling 2 acres.
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