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Document Number:0502124
Date:11 June 1839
For Sale:65.00
Good, consistent with age. Exceptionally thick parchment, but neatly folded. Clear and legible throughout.
Parchment : 80cm x 65cm 1 sheet with 3 wax seals and 2 signatures.
Summary of contents:
Robert HARTLAND of Hartlebury, Worcestershire. Gentleman.
James HOLBROOK of the City of Hereford, Herefordshire. Gentleman.
James BARRETT of Priors Court in the Parish of Ledbury, Herefordshire.
James Hartland of Bosbury, Herefordshire, Gentleman (deceased).

The document begins by summarising the will of James Hartland who died in 1803. He appointed Robert Hartland of Great Linbridge, Gloucestershire and William Holbrook of Ledbury as Trustees to sell his property and apply the proceeds to the benefit of his son Robert Hartland (party hereto).

Probate was granted to William Holbrook alone since Robert Hartland of Linbridge was already dead. William Holbrook died intestate in 1825 leaving James Holbrook of Ledbury as his eldest son and heir. This James Holbrook died intestate in 1838 leaving James Holbrook (party to this Indenture) as his only son and heir.

Robert Harland is now selling property in Bosbury, Herefordshire to James Barrett for 180. The property consists of 2 cottages on the South side of the Common Field, know as "Barland".

(Among the many 'whereas' clauses is an interesting one of 1837. Here Robert Hartland conveyed the property to James Holbrook in trust to the use of himself, Robert Hartland. We are told that this was done in order to extinguish the rights of Robert Hartland's wife Ann to dower out of the property.)
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