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Document Number:0502111
Date:13 May 1882
For Sale:42.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 2 sheets, 1 side manuscript. Signed by the Under Steward of the Manor of Otley Yorkshire.
Summary of contents:
Henry England of Stalybridge, Cheshire. Machinist.
George Sheer of Bingley, Yorkshire. Lately an Innkeeper but now a Wine and Spirit Merchant and Trustee of the Will of John Anderson.
Thomas Constable : Under Steward of the Manor Of Otley. Gentleman.
Thomas Anderson of Arthington, Yorkshire. Farmer.

This document is a record of a General Customary Court Baron of the Manor of Otley. It begins by telling us that George Sheer is a Trustee of the will of John Anderson (Gentleman of Otley, deceased) and as such holds property in trust for Thomas Anderson. It appears that Thomas Anderson is now selling some or all of that property to Henry England for 200, and this money is paid direct to Thomas Anderson.

The property consists of a copyhold dwellinghouse with stables, outbuildings, gardens, orchards etc situate at Cross Green in Boroughgate, Otley.

The Manor court procedure requires that George Sheer first surrender the property to the Lords of the Manor, which he did 'by a straw' out of court on 13/5/1882, and now Henry England has come to the court to be admitted to the property.
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