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Document Number:0502097
Title:Deed of Appointment
Date:02 November 1910
For Sale:36.00
Very good, although there are some pencil marks in the top margin presumably made by Solicitor some time in the past.
Parchment : 26cm x 40cm 2 sheets including cover. 5 wax seals with signatures. Schedule. Revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
Frederick Joseph Timms, formerly of South Croydon but now of Worthing, Sussex. Gentleman
Sarah Timms, the wife of Frederick Timms
William Tobit Leeson of Montrose, Preston Road, Brighton, Gentleman
William Beresford Smith of 3 Lombard Court, Gracechurch St, City of London, Merchant
Robert Peel of St John's, Landsowne Road, Worthing, Sussex, Gentleman

The Deed appoints William Beresford Smith and Robert Peel as new trustees of funds invested under a marriage settlement of 9th October 1891. That settlement had been made in anticipation of the marriage of Sarah Ecles and Frederick Joseph Timms.

William Leeson is one of the two original trustees but who now wishes to be released from his duties. The other original trustee, John Alfred Fisher, has since died.

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